Friday, December 18, 2009

My Journey: A heartfeltcard and an unexpected gift!

Thanks again for visiting my blog. I'll be sharing my thoughts and insights on how my life changed dramatically from receiving a heartfelt greeting card and book from someone. I've used simple tools gained from that single action to unlock the abundance that sorrounds us all. I am attracting wonderful people and positivity into my life. I want you to share in this my beautiful journey of awakening and rebirth.

As mentioned earlier, my turning point started when someone sent me a gift that included a heartfelt card and a book of quotations. The simple message in the card unlocked something in me. Each day, after after saying my morning prayers and reading a verse from my bible, I'd reread the message in the card, and a quote from the book, I'd then consciously reflect on that quote for the day and apply insights from it to my daily living both with my family and in my prfessional practice. This has led me on a journey thats attracted positive family members, mentors, friends, internet gurus and strangers who are sharing their love, wisdom, knowledge and friendship with me. Each day, I send at least one card to people to acknowledge them, thank them, celebrate them, love them and hopefully inspire them. If I can touch just one person and also unlock in them, this abundance that has been freely bestowed upon me, it would all simply be worth it! So, open up your mind and explore with me.
All the best!



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