Sunday, May 30, 2010

Grandma's common sense talk for the listening soul!

I think there's something divine about age that makes most older folks wiser with age. I guess the fact that they've been privileged to experience so many things in life helps too.
My grandma is one of such lucky pearls. Others are my mom and mother-in-law but I'll focus on gran today. After reading hundreds of personal development books(I must confess, that part of my library is overflowing... I'm currently developing my Historical Romance section but that's a story for another day!) Back to grandma. I just realized that most of the 'original content' I've been excited to discover in most of these magazines always seemed familiar. You know, that deja vu feeling like you've heard this before??. Well, it hit me that I've indeed heard them before and the source was sweet o' grandma.
She sprouts common sense talk like MI and it all rings true even till today. One of her favorite sayings was:

"Live your life by being honest to yourself and don't have to please others, all you owe them is respect. The only persons you should aim to please are God and yourself and the truth is both are very easy to please cos they both love you regardless...".

Honesty to oneself involves pursuing your passions, being accountable for your actions (and in-actions) and doing the best you can everyday, in every situation.
Honesty to others just means simply treating them with integrity...always. Respect on the other hand entails living in pure awareness so that your words, thoughts, actions and in-actions (the energy you radiate) always gives dignity rather than stripping people of dignity. It does not matter if they're right or wrong, it does not matter if they're old or young....
To love God, you must first learn to love yourself. To love oneself is to know and accept YOU for YOU. Have a date with yourself; have an in depth conversation with your younger and older selves (you'll be surprised at new discoveries). Know your strength, acknowledge your weaknesses, uncover the opportunities before you and be conscious of the pitfalls you face. Be in communion with your core. Have faith in the completeness that God has molded you perfectly in his eyes. Always see yourself through the creator's eyes. Every other view is jaundiced and a poor representation and incomplete vision of your majesty! Reconnect with the lost child within so that you can find and become the adult of your dreams.
Live wisely. Live passionately. Live beautifully!

Be abundantly blessed!