Friday, June 12, 2009

My Journey: Choosing to live a life of Gratitude

We are often caught up in our little pity parties. We focus on everything that is wrong and bad in our lives. The little miracles of daily living escape our jaded eyes. Yet, it remains true that once we begin to focus on the joys in our lives, more joyous events and people and things find a home with us.

Living a life of gratitude is a choice that we can all make. The alternative is the cloudening of our senses to true living! A grateful heart makes no room for greed, scorn, anger, resentment and discontent. Rather, it is overflowing with love and beauty and contentment. Gratitude speaks to the realization of the 'now' and the hope of tomorrow.

The expression 'take the time to smell the roses' is a push to stand still in spirit and appreciate the sheer joy of just being. It is a call to inhale the very fragrance of life and to bask in the freedom of awareness.

All the love and beauty and wealth we crave will come our way when we begin to be truly grateful for our 'NOW'. Gratitude awakens our creative juices, it gives us a quiet courage to be thankful for what is and be ready to fight for what can be.

The choice to unlock all that you can be is in your hands. Can you begin a new journey today? Can you be grateful for the little things?

Remain abundantly blessed!


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