Friday, September 3, 2010

Why SendOutCards???

" I learned to say thank you when people were unkind. Thank you doesn't mean agreement. It means that the message has been heard and that you appreciate having the information."
-Kathy Ireland, Model-Entrepreneur

Why Send Out Cards? (Source:

Send out cards is a great way to send an occasional card (with a gift if you choose too) or many cards. There's no membership fee or sign on requirement. Just select the card and gift you want and then buy your card (with points) and pay your normal USPS postage cost and your card is sent off and tracked. This is great for the postally challenged, I personally hate physically mailing things.

You can also purchase blocks of points that are held in your account until you use them. Points are purchase in $10 min amounts with each point = $.49. A post card is 1 point, regular card is 2 points and trifold card is 3 points. So you can see the cards are VERY affordable and much cheaper than anything you were to try and mail yourself. You can choose from THOUSANDS of card templates as well as make your own from scratch.

You can easily send beautiful postcards, cards and trifolds to anyone in the world with one click of a mouse.

Imagine the possibilities!!!

* batch mailing all your clients in a few seconds
* sending all your family a cute holiday card with your picture on it
* only paying 49 cents for a post card or 98 cents for a card! (plus regular postage)
* importing your spreadsheet or .csv files and not having to do any more data entry
* having the sendoutcards contact management system remind you of birthdays and anniversaries or any date you set in the system
* setting dates in advance to auto send cards – this is great for reorder reminders, special dates or even just a quarterly contact
* being able to add notes to your contacts file (a very useful FREE sales database)
* being able to connect children, spouses and other family members together
* being able to connect large groups with one click batch mailing
* auto insertion of the recipients names in batch mailing
* adding your logos or photos of choice inside or on the front
* creating a saved card campaign to send and resend anytime you'd like (generic thank you for ordering card, welcome to my team card, I appreciate your referral, here's a coupon...)
* add gifts or gift cards to any card being mailed
* mail to any local or international location and receive free tracking and insurance/ delivery guarantee
* mail cards while abroad and still only pay USA rates since its mailed from the USA ( you can still upload a picture of you on that fancy South American beach in a tini bikini if you'd like :)

Wholesale member benefits:

* Uploading your own handwriting font
* Able to add photos to cards
* reduced card point cost (just 31 cents per point)
* ability to earn an extra $income through referrals
and much more just ask!

This service is very versatile and is less expensive than printing and mailing yourself, using vista print and most other mailing services. You click to send and my company prints, stuffs, stamps, and mails for you!


Remain abundantly blessed!

P.S Test drive this amazing service, (Click on 2)

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