Saturday, June 19, 2010

Relationship Marketing at its very best!

I've been a Network marketing professional for almost 9 years now. I've been really successful at it for the past four years. I know a thing or two about 'opportunities'. I also know a bit about fusing passion and work. A wise man once told me that once you find a way to earn a living from your passion, you no longer have to work rather you are simply 'making a living out of living and giving'. In November of 2008, I stumbled upon a unique service through an email from the office of my college alumni president. I initially thought it was a cool tool and used it for the next 7 months to keep in touch and follow up with my clients in my Wealth Management Practice.

It wasn't until September of 2009 that I finally got 'IT'. The economy had tanked, stocks had was flat and somewhat boring. Acting on a random prompting (you'll hear me use the word 'prompting' often from now on), I got on a plane and headed to Salt Lake City,Utah. Something really magical happened and I'll save that life-changing story for another day. The key highlights of that experience: a wonderful, sincere transformational leader (coolest CEO you ever met, and I mean cool as a cat!), myself, my mom and room full of at least 1500 people!!!

Fast forward to June 2010. This company has now allowed me to make a great  living by touching lives and empowering others; it has blessed me by opening me up to the the truth that we are all universally connected and can only succeed by helping each other; I am helping fellow women- from savvy Entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms, to reach out in love and kindness to others and earn a true living by giving; providing value and solutions to challenges of others; it has also taught me how to build a strong community of like-minded professionals who are committed to conducting business ethically and meaningfully.
This to me is Relationship marketing at its best! This is Network marketing at its best! It doesn't matter what opportunity or business you are involved in. It may be Avon, Arbonne, Mary Kay, Scentsy....,  I believe everyone should start off with the right mindset and this company is the foundation upon which you can build success for other opportunities. Like I said earlier, I know a thing or two about successful Network marketing; no matter what anyone tells you, you need at least 12 to 18 months to have true success with any company (by true success, I mean when you can actually quit your day job and fully replace and/or exceed your income!) However, for that initial period of 12 to 18 months, you must rewire your mind to understand the concept of 'Giving to Give' and not 'Giving to Get' while also remaining consistent in sharing (not selling) your products/services/opportunities. You, of course, must also have an endless stream of leads/prospects (offline and online). 95% of those who fail in business never mastered these laws and the 5% who succeed simply live it daily-it has become part of their DNA. 
Trust me: 'Appreciation wins over self promotion, every time'! and the most important word in 'Network Marketing' is 'Marketing'!

This is the company that's stolen my heart and I'll refer their service/opportunity even if I never make a dime doing so. How many people can say that about their businesses or work places? 
Company Overview:
SendOutCards is a concept and service that changes people's lives daily by allowing users to send a printed, personalized greeting card in less than 60 Seconds. You simply: • Choose your card • Write your message • Click send SendOutCards then prints it, stuffs, stamps and mails it, all for less than a greeting card at the store.
Following the unexpected passing of his older brother Kris, founder and CEO Kody Bateman became dedicated to finding a simple and inexpensive way to encourage others to share a message of love and kindness. From that day, it has been SOC's continued mission to allow individuals a way to act on their promptings as quickly and easily as possible.
- An extensive Card Catalog with both Business and Personal greeting cards - The ability to create Custom Cards, write in your own Personal Handwriting Fonts, Add Pictures, and Store and Edit Pictures with PicturePLUS -The ability to send Gifts to friends and family -A Calendar and Reminder System to manage contact information and special occasions -An Online Contact Manager to help you organize and add contact information
 Remain abundantly blessed!


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Anonymous said...

Juno, its so great to be on your SendOutCards team and what a wonderful business coach and friend you are. I'm so excited at the level of strong growth in our organisation and look forward to walking that stage with you...

Bridget Nguyen,