Friday, January 1, 2010

Wishing You All A New Year filled with Abundance, Attraction & Agape Love!

Hello again! Happiest of New Years to everyone reading this. There is a reason it is called a 'NEW' Year. It is time to start anew and leave the old things in the past where they belong. Here's my prayer for you:  May 2010 be filled with an abundance of love. May God's love-the Agape kind, be all around you and guide you on his path for the whole year and beyond! May you allow yourselves to willingly give and receive love. May you have excellent health and vigour to pursue your passions without fear or limitations. May you be the commander of your life under God's direction. May you live passionately, purely and positively!

May you unleash the abundance that is within you....A lone small bud waiting to be planted and watered by your decision to start living in the light. May you attract what you are. You ARE what you feel and say and act, consistently and passionately. Above and beyond all, YOU are a child of God! You have the power to change your destiny. God blesses your passions and purpose because he put that in you. He made you for that purpose. His wish for you is that you drown the noise and pursue with singular devotion, the purpose for which you were made. Let go of the anger, the hurts, the pains, the angst, the anxiety....YOU have the power of choice, choose to let them all go. Your mind will try to make you hang on to them because it is a comfortable place to be. Acknowledge your mind's point of view, say 'thank you' and ACT according to what you truly, really want.

Stop the blame game. It never did any good in the past, it won't do any good now. What you settled for in life based on your feelings of fear and pain is crippling the creative room for great things in your life. Try something new. Try acting inspite of your fear, try smiling instead of frowning, try acceptance instead of judgement, try faith instead of despair, try gratitude instead of complaints, try taking a vacation without actually travelling, try getting to know YOU; try actually having your own opinion; try respecting other people's opinion; try loving solitude; try doing absolutely nothing; try falling in love with yourself; try basking in the sunlight, try playing in the snow, try dancing in the rain....try, try, try, please try something new!

Live passionately and you will find your destiny! Your passion is your destiny.
Live purely and you will become one with the message! Your message is your purpose.
Live positively and you will ignite the fire that burns silently in others. Your positivity is your magnet.
Imagine for a moment that you had no constraints....what would your life be like? That, my sisters and brothers, is the life you should start living. Constraints are the lies your mind tells your spirit to protect the capacity of the mind.

You are greater than your mind. There is a dimension to you that is untouchable, unquenchable, unstoppable. That dimension is the God-created part of you. Do not let the world tell you any different. Life should not be a weary, wasteful sojourn. Life is an exciting, passionate, fulfilling adventure! Start living your life, period! Not your parents', childrens', siblings', spouses',  pastors', society's ....versions of YOUR life. We are now caught up in a quagmire of expectations, immitations, copycatisms and blind God's version of your life and all else will fall in place. Be a leader. Lead yourself now! Lead yourself first! Lead yourself well! Light your fire and the whole world becomes illuminated by your light!

Resolutions are things, goals, aspirations you hope to achieve. That is how the mind works. It hopes, it dreams, it aspires ....and then it finds reasons, excuses and limitations that stops those aspirations from happening.  In the dimension of Agape, YOU are one with God and so YOU simply ARE! Just as God's state is ' I AM' so is your state. Your past, present, future...IS. So, resolutions are replaced by 'I AM' statements. The beauty of the 'I AM' is that you already ARE! So, you are always constantly in the awareness of being. You are always living in the NOW. Embrace the awesome being trapped within. This is the year for being YOU!

I no longer do New Year's Resolutions. Rather, I restate, revise and rewrite my I AM statements and I always remember that the beauty of the 'I AM' is that I already AM.

For 2010:

I AM  a cherished child of God;

I AM a beloved daughter of my parents;
I AM an adored wife;
I AM a loving mother;
I AM a loyal and caring sibling;
I AM the best friend a friend can ask for;
I AM my brothers' keeper- A stranger's solace;
I AM a loving and non-judgemental in-law;
I AM a light of positivity, passion and purpose;
I AM adding value to everyone I meet;
I AM celebrating the lives and success of others;

I AM celebrating others with pictures, gifts and the written word;
I AM attracting the right people and opportunities into my life;
I AM worthy of love- I am willingly giving and receiving love;
I AM a magnet for success and joy;

I AM always acting on my promptings-that voice that speaks softly in the stillness of my soul;
I AM making a difference ONLINE and OFFLINE by inspiring and changing lives;
I AM living the reality of the laws of Attraction, Abundance and Agape love;
I AM living a life of beauty, boldness and balance;

I AM travelling to new places and meeting amazing people;

I AM exploring my world;

I AM discovering new worlds;

I AM making life happen and not letting life happen to me;
I AM the woman I was born to be;

I AM in touch with my core;

I AM spiritually centred;

I AM the light;

I AM the calm in the midst of life's storms;

I AM spreading the gospel of love and acceptance;
I AM always ONLINE with God;

I AM the most cherished of God's creatures;

I AM the vessel bearing the message;

I AM one with the message;


P.S: Do me a favour and visit my website today and send a card to yourself with your 'I AM' statements for the New Year!
Remain Abundantly Blessed!


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Obie said...

Well written as usual. I agree.. I AM. :-)